How to install XDebug on OSX

As a follow-up on my previous post, this post explains how you can easily install XDebug on your OSX webdevelopment configuration, making your life as a developer a whole lot easier.

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How to prepare OSX for local webdevelopment

In this article, I will explain how you can setup an Apache/Mysql/Php-server on OSX for your local development. The fun part is that I will also explain how you can configure OSX so that requests to http://*.dev/  are being transfered to the right directory.

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Put the star rating element of a product in Magento – anywhere!

I was looking for a solution to put the star rating element of a product in Magento on any given location. As most of you know, you can simply display the star rating element of a product (you know, the one with the five stars on a row) on a template like a product detail page or product list. But what if you have a product displayed elsewhere else and you just need to display the five stars without having access to the getReviewsSummaryHtml()-function?

Inchoo already covered an interesting article about how to get the summary information anywhere, but I am solely interested in the five-star element. So, how can we achieve this? Well, here is how:

Easy isn’t it?

Create an archive of changed files in your GIT repository

Often I find myself updating my clients’ websites. This can be a simple bugfix or a major update, but eventually I always end up transfering updated files to the FTP-server. Lucky for me, GIT allows me to create a simple archive with only the modified files, making deploying changes to a webserver so much more easy. Here is how it works:

First, get the ID of the commit from which you want the update to ‘start’. From this commit on forward the update will include all changes up to the HEAD of your repository.

Now, open your terminal or Git Bash, go to the root folder of your repository and execute the following command:

Of course you need to replace the ‘[id]‘-part with the ID of your commit. So if the ID of your commit is ’599313e986c56e5451caa14d32c6b18273f4331b’ then your command would look like this:

That’s it! This line will create an archive called ‘’ which will contain only the files you have modified since the given commit.

How to get all products with a specific custom option in Magento

Today I had the task to fetch all products from my product collection in Magento which had a specific custom option. After some trial and error, I came up with the following and decided to share this with my audience:

How to get all products with a custom option called ‘FooBar’:

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